Dear client to ensure that all terms all clear to you, we display all our policies in this page, and if you order any of our services we will consider you have agreed to these terms and conditions.

Prohibited Uses:

  • Sending (Promotional, Marketing, Bulk, Offers, Newsletters, Profile messages, Message with same content to more than an email or Messages with violating content )
    (to send messages like these, we advise to use third-party services like MailChimp).
  • Forums.
  • News Websites.
  • Creating random or temporary or fake emails.
  • Impersonating companies or organizations, using their logos or publishing content with copyrights.
  • Using a script or a cron that collects news or articles or any contents from other sites or rss or other links.
  • Using a cron that is graping contents from other sites.
  • Misusing server resources whether through codes or large numbers of visitors or others.
  • Sending spam emails or using codes that over use server resources.
  • Using auto liker or auto post scripts or similar.
  • Hostiong the following contents or its relations:   
       Live streaming matches.   
       Music or movies or matches or tv series sites.   
       File storage sites or centers.   
       Shortlinks/Tracking scripts.   
       Landing pages or affiliates or advertising networks.   
       Pornographic content.   
       Hacking or spyware.   
       Phishing or information gathering.   
       All programs or Malware or viruses or torrent or proxy.   
       Pirated material or that are published without a license from the owners (video or audio books or other).   
       Sexual or pornographic content.   
       Chat/dating scripts.   
       HIYP websites (High Yield Investment Programs).   
       Cryptocurrencies or mining.   
       Coupons/Discounts/Deals websites.   
       Quizzes/Surveys/Games websites.   
       Content that is against islamic religion.   
       Content that violates the law of any state or local legislation.   
       Sites containing hate speech or racism.   
       Video streaming (you should upload the video 1st to youtube then embed it in your site and not to upload it directly to the server).   
       Radio streaming (you can use other radio supporting sites like "mixlr" and embed the code in your site)
  • Using the site at any scam, monument, fixing ballots or any illegal operation/trade.

Packages Policies:

  • Free Domain : is applied to the first year only.
  • Shared Hosting packages : when your website has a high resources usage, you must transfer it to a Cloud or Dedicated Web Hosting Plans.
  • Cloud Hosting Package: The package can be extended to any size as it is unlimited, but an annual fee is charged if the package exceeds 100 GB (fees are $ 2 per year for each additional gigabyte).

Refund policy:

  • Customer can cancel and request a refund within 30 days from the date of the order (Shared & Cloud Web Hosting Only).
  • Domain price is non refundable: So if the order was including a domain (registration or transfer), then we deduct the total cost of the domain from the paid the amount and refund of the remaining (even if the domain is for free or with a discount).

Hosting Expiration Stages:

  • You can renew the hosting within 30 days only after the expiration date.
  • After 6 days of expiration, the hosting is temporarily suspended.
  • If the hosting has not been renewed within 30 days after the expiration date, the hosting account will be permanently deleted and all files will be lost and cannot be restored.

Domain Expiration Stages:

  1. You can renew the domain within 30 days only after the expiration date.
  2. The day of expiry: The domain and any related services will stop working.
  3. (30) days after expiry: You can still renew the domain at our regular renewal rates. In this period also, the domain is made available for auction bidding.
  4. (31-34) days after expiry: The domain auction ends. If there are any active bids, you would loss your domain and it will be awarded to the highest bidder.
  5. If the auction had not received any bids, the domain will enter the pre-deletion stage.
  6. (35-60) days after expiry: The pre-deletion temporary stage, the domain can be restored at this stage by paying fees start at 2500 EGP per domain.
  7. (61-70) days after expiry: The pre-deletion permanent stage.
  8. (71) day after expiry: The domain has been deleted and is returned to the pool of available domains for anybody to register.

ALAHWANY.COM reserves the right to modify these policies at any time, You should periodically review this page to identify changes